Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Times of Refreshing

I find myself at a time in which the Lord has led me to take time off as far as preaching on Sunday
Morning at New Wine Church. I have found it to be a time of joy as others have step up to bring forth the Word of God and I have found myself refreshed this past weeks as I have truly been blessed by the Word shared.

It's been a little hard to get use to not sharing the Word I truly love to share the Word of God, but it has been good for me and the church to see the growth that has taking place in those sharing the Word of God.

I think that pastor's should allowing themselves to let those who they have pour into to show the growth in their spiritual lives by allowing them time to share the Word in a place where they are safe to share and where they know that if they mess up it can be corrected so they can learn from the experience they get in sharing God's Word among the church family instead of some else church body.

The End of Times

Much is being said about 2012 the year when it has been fortold that the world as we know will on
December 21, 2012 will be ending.

The Bible is clear that no one know the time of when our Lord Jesus Christ will come back as is promised in the Word of God. I truly believe that one should live their lives as Jesus could come back
at anytime! So if it end or doesn't are you ready to meet Jesus?

What are your thoughts on this thought that the world will be ending?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Standing On Victory

What a joy to know that God has giving us the victory!

Yet it seem that for so many we are trying, fighting, struggling to keep the victory, I have goodnews God doesn't need you and I to defeat the devil he has been defeated by our Lord Jesus Christ!

In Ephesians the Apostle Paul reminds us our postion in Christ and also that we should walk according to that understanding. He also tell us that we have been given Spiritual amor that we need to put on but there is also a power truth in Chapter 6:10 - 14 that show us that we should not be fighting, wrestling for victory but rather that we should be Standing On Victory fighting from Victory ground.

Check out the whole message at our web site http://www.newwinefullgospel.com

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Wine Church E-books

Just wanted to share our new web site to help you in your study of the Word of God.
We will be adding e-books to this site. With your purchases you will help us to meet
the needs of our ministry and help us to share the grace of our Lord with our community
and beyound. E-books will be sold for suggested donations thanks for checking our site.

New Wine Church E-books

Thursday, January 26, 2012

God a very help in times of needs

I have found this to be so true in my life so many times. Some times we feel that we are all alone when we face difficult times, but in my walk with God I have found that He was right there all the
time just waiting for me to say I cannot do this God I need your help!

The ememies of our lives always try to get us to feel that God has forgotten us or that the circumstances are just not big enough for us to call on Him to help us through the valley we find ourselves in But God is right there in the small matter as well as the great circumstances that overwhelm us.

If you find yourself think where is God he is right there a very present help in your time of need, just trust Him and stand back and see the hands of God move in your behalf!

God Blessing!
In His Service

Pastor Joe


Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Wine in 2012

I truly believe that there is a need to get back to the basic if we are to see a powerful move of God in our churches. We have been looking the need for new wineskins (CHANGE) the church must be willing to adapt to the rapid changes that are taking in our world. But yet we must remain true to the basic of our faith. Prayer, and we must get back to a time of breakthrough prayer that we come as a result of taking time to both pray and fast, We have (Churches) thought if we get all the right programs, trained leadership, worship teams etc....this are needed but we must never forget the example of Our Lord Jesus Christ as He took time to withdraw and pray to the Father. Prayer and fasting as the Word teaches us in Isaiah 58 a fast not to bring attention to self or making right before God or getting what we want but one that will be concerned with others needs.

It will be then that the church will shine into darkness, be like a watered garden (living water) raidance will draw the lost as the glory of the Lord filled the church (people). Prayer and fasting will get us to humble ourselves before the Lord and as we do breakthrough into the realm of darkness to set the captives free! New Wine in 2012 is what were seeking at New Wine Church as we make a choice to seek God in prayer and fasting to help meet the needs in our families, community and the world.
We are a "Grace - Driven Church For A Grace- Needing World"

Monday, January 9, 2012

Out Pouring Of Holy Spirit

We are in a time that we the church needs to get back to the place of the leading of the Holy Spirit!
I truly think a major key to allowing the Holy Spirit to lead is prayer. I believe that the early
New Testatment Church was a praying church. The church of today is caught up with the
thought of we need to have just the right programs, worship teams, church buildings, gifted leaders and yes we do need the before mentioned but if they are not covered, bathed in prayer they are just man made efforts. We cannot afford to carry on without a cry from the church body coming
together in prayer, for the leading of the Holy Spirit in our programs, our worship teams.

I have stated many times it not that Christains are not praying, but rather we have lost the heart of praying as a body, all we have to do is look at the prayer meetings that churches hold a few  people
come to them. If we want to see an fresh out pouring of the Holy Spirit in 2012 prayer where the whole church body joins in a cry out to God to move on the hearts of the church to take it authority move out in the anointing and see God move in a powerful way after all we are still the New Testatment Church today!